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Meeting online leads to happier, more enduring marriages,Around UChicago

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For the study, Cacioppo led a team that examined the results of a representative sample of 19, people who responded to a survey by Harris Interactive about their marriages and satisfaction. The study found a wide variety of venues, both online and offline, where people met. About 45 percent met through an online dating site. People who met online were more likely to be older 30 to 39 is the largest age group represented ; employed and had a higher income.

The group was diverse racially and ethnically. People who met offline found marriage partners at various venues including work, school, church, social gatherings, clubs and bars, and places of worship. Among the least successful marriages were those in which people met at bars, through blind dates and in online communities that function as virtual worlds, the researchers found.

Relationships that start online may benefit from selectivity and the focused nature of online dating, the authors said. Meeting online also may provide a larger pool of prospective marriage partners, along with advance screening in the case of dating services.

And although deception often occurs online, studies suggest that people are relatively honest in online dating encounters; the lies tend to be minor misrepresentations of weight or height. The survey was commissioned by eHarmony. com, and Cacioppo is paid as a scientific advisor for eHarmony. Joining him as authors in the study were Stephanie Cacioppo, a research associate and assistant professor in psychology at the University of Chicago; Gian Gonzaga, a researcher with Gestalt Research, who is a former director of the eHarmony Labs; and statisticians Elizabeth Ogburn, a research fellow in Harvard School of Public Health, and Tyler VanderWeele, a professor in epidemiology and biostatistics at Harvard.

An agreement with eHarmony prior to data analysis ensured the company would not affect the publication of the study. To ensure integrity, the research team performed their study following procedures specified by JAMA, which included oversight by independent statisticians. Home Latest stories Find faculty experts Big Brains podcast Podcasts Explainers Media Resources.

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She believes that everything and everyone just needs a little bit love. Relationship The Importance Of Maintaining Healthy Family Relationships Approved By Milica Markovic , Psychologist Coach MA.

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Love at first swipe, apparently, can result in stronger marriages. Recent studies show that dating apps can lead to more fulfilling marriages in comparison to relationships formed offline. With the popularity of dating services like Match , Tinder , Bumble and Hinge , as well as marriage counseling apps like Lasting , online tools are changing the way couples cultivate long-term relationships. However, the success of online dating isn't anything new.

In fact, over 15 years of data point to the strength of relationships formed online and why. In , researchers at the University of Chicago began a seven-year study that evaluated marriages formed both online and offline.

The findings revealed that marriages from online relationships were more likely to last longer than marriages formed offline. Another study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences journal found that marriages formed online were likely to have a higher satisfaction rate.

Of the couples who were surveyed, less than six percent of those who met online got divorced, while the break-up rate for marriages formed offline was almost eight percent. Four years later, a study conducted by researchers at the University of Essex in the U. and the University of Vienna in Austria found that marriages that began with online dating were less likely to end after one year when compared to couples who didn't meet using an online service.

Today, online dating remains the top way couples meet. According to The Knot Jewelry and Engagement study, 22 percent of couples meet online and end up getting engaged. Tinder, the dating app behemoth, is responsible for matching 30 percent of all engaged couples who met online, with OkCupid and Bumble rounding out the top three websites. Other resources like Match and Hinge also held steady rankings among the top seven online tools for dating.

There's a reason that online dating is potentially correlated to a decrease in long-term divorces. We spoke to the experts to find out why—and below, we break down exactly how dating apps can lead to stronger marriages. One key quality might set online daters apart from others: the intention to find a lasting relationship.

They really want to have a relationship. And when you have that intention and know what you're looking for, you enter into a relationship in a different way and I think that makes a huge difference. In , Tinder was the most popular dating app by size in the United States with 7.

Bumble claimed the second spot, with 5. Rounding out the top five apps were Plenty of Fish, Match and OkCupid. Intentional daters turn to apps with a specific purpose in mind—and for the majority of users, it involves finding a meaningful connection with a partner.

Moore says Bumble's users tend to look for a lasting partnership as opposed to something casual. She adds that online dating encourages people to have honest conversations sooner, setting up a relationship for long-term success. DeAlto explains that the user intent behind using a comprehensive service like Match sets the relationship apart from offline couples from the beginning. Dating apps also empower users to find an equal partner instead of settling for someone who isn't a good match.

Liz Colizza, Head of Couples Therapy for Lasting , says this sets up online relationships for success. Online dating platforms offer that space for people to match with potential partners. Additionally, dating apps encourage couples to have honest conversations about their goals earlier than they would if they met offline. Knowing yourself is the first step in knowing what you need from a good partner, and how to be one yourself. The success of a dating app could boil down to its algorithm.

Whether users are swiping right or liking profile prompts, the way an app presents profiles will impact the success of its matchmaking. Hinge, for example, encourages users to share extensive information on their profile through the use of question prompts and photo captions—and this allows users to make a more informed, meaningful decision when it comes time to "like" someone. In , Hinge released a campaign titled "Designed to be Deleted. According to their own studies, Hinge sets up a date every four seconds—and 75 percent of users who have gone on a first date from the app want to initiate a second.

In , Hinge was the top mentioned dating app in the New York Times wedding announcements section, proving that the science behind their algorithm is crucial for long term success. On websites like Match and eHarmony, personality surveys are used to complete dating profiles. This data is combined with user activity to create an algorithm that will present the best potential matches. In , Tinder revealed that user behavior is responsible for controlling the matching algorithm.

This is the most important part of our algorithm. Our current system adjusts the potential matches you see each and every time your profile is Liked or Noped, and any changes to the order of your potential matches are reflected within 24 hours or so. Simply put, dating apps allow unlikely couples to meet.

It's not a coincidence that the rise in popularity of dating apps corresponds with the rise in interracial marraiges. According to a Pew Research Center analysis , "Three-in-ten of those who say they met their partner online report that their partner is a different race or ethnicity, compared with 19 percent of those who met their partner offline. Because of their accessibility, apps expand the dating pool.

And in turn, users connect with potential partners they wouldn't have met in their daily lives. Moore shares that Bumble success stories reach a similar conclusion. We're limited to our routines, which ultimately limits the number of new people we can meet. We've heard countless success stories from our users, including those who met their significant other on Bumble although they grew up on the same street as them. Because of the convenience, online dating won't be going away any time soon.

Instead, experts predict their impact will continue to grow. This is so much more efficient for people with busy lives. But even with connections sparking behind a screen, DeAlto still believes in the magic of finding a genuine soulmate online. Main Menu.

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Dating Apps Can Lead to Less Divorce, According to Research,Apps Encourage 'Intentional Dating'

AdExplore Our 5 Best Dating Sites of & You Could Find Love. Create A Profile Today! See Why Singles Love These Dating Sites. Find Something Serious Or Casual. Start Today!Seen by Daily · Local Romance · Marriage-Minded · Millions of Real UsersTypes: Online Dating, Senior Dating, Gay Dating, Lesbian Dating  · According to one survey, a total of 53% of US participants admitted to having lied in their online dating profile. Research says one-third of all people who use online dating sites have never  · 1. Match. BEST. OF. Match is an international dating site that’s available in more than 50 countries (including Canada) and 15 languages (including French). Not to mention more than 42 million people have joined the dating platform since , and millions of people in North America visit the dating site every month  · "African-American penetration in the online personals category has more than doubled in the last four to five years," Worthy says. "It's more acceptable than it was 10 to 15 years ago, when people looked at online dating as kind of sleazy." Worthy also credits the profusion (and popularity) of media that targets single people for the shift AdConnecting International Singles. Start Meeting People. Join Now! Meet Foreign Women Seeking Dating & Love. Join by Cupid Media · Date Safely from Home · Uniting Singles WorldwideService catalog: Instant Messaging, Live Chat, Recommended Matches The ability to give warmth, show sincere care for others, share sorrows and joys with them is a special feature that makes Ukrainian women so attractive in the eyes of many guys who are using a Ukrainian dating site. The true strength of any woman is hidden in the ability to love, understand and forgive her loved ones. 7. Ability to be optimistic ... read more

Depending on your filter options, you only get suggestions for people within your preferred location, age limit, or other factors you singled out. A study showed that reviewing multiple dating candidates online causes people to be more judgmental about them. One of the positives of online dating is that you can access any dating app either on a phone or a desktop. The Black In Fashion Council Is Making The Industry More Inclusive. Family 15 Tips for Setting Boundaries With Your in-Laws By Sylvia Smith. View All.

Simply put - they settle. Relationship Spice up Your Day With Cute Relationship Memes for Your Partner By Online dating and marriage Smith. Discover Your Vision. According to reports, the online dating scam has almost tripled over the past two years, and inonline dating and marriage, more than 25, consumers filed a report against romance scams. The Internet gives everyone the opportunity to connect with a lot of different types of people. Women apparently lied more than men, with the most common dishonesties being about looks. But who we end up becoming and how much we like that person are more in our control than we tend to think they are.